The sentence “Peace at home. Peace in the World” ,which was first pronounced on date of 20th of April 1931 and declared in the election proclamation, represents collective security and preservation of international peace and continuity with its most common and known meaning.


Being stated in 1961 and 1982 constitution, this phrase defines our foreign and domestic policy.


The founder of Turkish Republic Ataturk says “A war is a crime without the reason of defending your country”.


In the last 37 days 48 civilians has been killed in our country.


Today is September 1, 2015.


1st of September 1939 was accepted World Peace Day by United Nations after Poland had been invaded by Germany and 2nd WW started.


With opportunity of 1st of September World Peace Day, we feel obliged to bespeak all of you as Women's Associations Federation of Turkey about the battle environment we have been living in since 7th of June 2015.


It’s a known fact that victims of wars are women.


On behalf of women who are being tortured and raped, who embodies many responsibilities to protect their children, who are suffering due to loss of their husbands and fathers, we ask:


Why we are in the position of WAR?


Why suddenly right after June 7th elections as someone pushed the button we have found ourselves in terror attacks?


Why 33 teens got killed and left to death on 20th of July in Suruc massacre?

Why 2 Police Officers were slaughtered in their beds?


Why political autonomy was announced in 12 town?


Why action AGAINST ACTIVITIES in towns was taken by Ankara not governors?


Why the towns with many civilians living in were exposed to bazooka attacks and why no one has been questioned security flaws of these bombings?


How come someone gained a benefit from a death woman’s body who left naked? Why is this impotence? Who are these people letting these immoral and corrupted ways in the way?


Why we started building sentences like “proud to be a casualty” instead of “mothers don’t cry”?


Why independence rights of children at the age 7-12 have been carried away?


As being the prior organization of women’s association we say;



Politics is responsible to solve the problems of a nation. The basic right of human beings is living right. We are against and questioning of a political understanding that not protect our society.


In this frame we invite,


The election government to step on solution of all these problems,


To stop the unlawful arrests against who criticize,


And PKK to leave firearms unconditionally and cease fire.


We repeat our demand out loud to maintain continuous peace.


As we are women;


We don’t want to walk behind the coffins with tears but we want to walk with children, husbands and fathers arm-in-arm.



Not all the women know how bake a patty but know how to keep and maintain peace.


We want peace. This is possible.