Within the scope of the cooperation protocol, women will be trained in various subjects such as legal rights, legal processes, obstacles and solutions through the Poppy Center of the Ankara Bar Association. The educational content will be determined by the Poppy Center and the training dates will be determined by mutual agreement of the parties.

Legal advice will be provided to women and children directed by Federation by the Ankara Bar Association. If the women and children applying to the TKDF need a lawyer to take legal action and meet the necessary conditions set by the Ankara Bar Association, a lawyer will be assigned from the Poppy Center.

Within the scope of Federation's obligations, those who want to follow the lawsuits against the applicants and start legal action in order to seek their rights and who request free lawyers will be directed to the Ankara Bar Association Poppy Center.

Federation employees will inform the women and children who applied about the days and hours they will be present at the Ankara Bar Association Training Center and the Ankara Western Courthouse, and counseling will be provided. By making the necessary organizations related to the day, it will transmit the information to the lawyers appointed by the Poppy Center within a reasonable time.